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Pack of 4 Children Writing Paste Calligraphy Handwriting Reusable Magic Practice Copybook with 10 Refills


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Short Description:
Type: Child Practice Copybook
Origin: China
Color: Multicolor
Material: Paper
Size: 14cm x 21cm
Age: 3 Years and Above
Books: Alphabets, Drawing, Numbers, Addition/Subtraction
Reusable: Yes(the writing will vanish within a few minutes)
Refills: 10

Product Description:
Introducing our exceptional preschool education workbook designed to provide children with a solid foundation in gesture correction and pen-holding techniques. We understand the importance of early education and have created an engaging and enjoyable learning experience for your little ones.
Our preschool copybook pages are carefully crafted to offer a variety of interesting, effective, and practical exercises. These exercises are specifically designed to enhance eye-hand coordination and develop essential handwriting skills in children. Through this workbook, your child will embark on a journey of discovery and learning, all while having fun.
What sets our workbook apart is the incorporation of captivating activities that make the learning process both educational and enjoyable. Each page presents valuable exercises that allow children to refine their fine motor skills and acquire the necessary coordination for clear and accurate writing. We believe that learning should be an adventure, and our workbook ensures just that!

To further enhance the learning experience, we provide a set of pencil jackets with each workbook. These jackets are designed to make the copybook reusable, allowing your child to practice for extended periods. The best part is that any writing on the copybook disappears within 15 minutes, providing a clean slate for your child’s next practice session.
Our copybook features high-quality paper that is thick, preventing smudging and minimizing the risk of stains. It offers a smooth surface for effortless writing and ensures that your child’s work remains clear and legible. Additionally, the pen holder included in the set is made of 100% safe silicone material, prioritizing your child’s well-being.
This preschool workbook means providing your child with the ideal platform to develop fundamental skills crucial for their academic journey. Watch as their penmanship improves, their coordination sharpens, and their enthusiasm for learning blossoms. Give your child the gift of a solid educational foundation with our remarkable preschool education workbook!

What’s in the box: 1 X 4 Practice Copybooks, 1 X 10 Refills, 1 X Pen Case, 1 X Pen Holder

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SKU: 230605080048

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Pack of 4 Children Writing Paste Calligraphy Handwriting Reusable Magic Practice Copybook with 10 Refills
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