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Liveup LS-3652 Dual Resistance Tube Best Exercise Equipment


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Short Description:
Type: Resistance Tube
Origin: China
Brand: Liveup
Model: LS-3652
Color: As Shown
Material: TPR
SIZE: 7x11x1100mm approx

Product Description:
LiveUp LS3652 Dual Tube Exerciser – tubular, double- stretchable element, thereby increasing the resistance and load.
Expander is used for a variety of classes in yoga, Pilates and fitness facilities.
Convenient pen-holders help keep the exerciser in his hands.
The Resistance Band is a revolutionary dual latex tubing design that is built for maximum durability and
better elasticity.
The innovative dual latex tubing design is reinforced throughout the length of the band with multiple “elastic clamps”
that absorb and distribute band pressure during usage.
The Dual Resistance Tube is different from resistance bands as they are round and have handles at both ends.
Although the tubing is easier to maneuver with the handles, the Dual Resistance Tube training requires coordination
and balance so you end up using more of your core muscle groups to stabilize your body.

What’s in the box: 1 x Resistance Tube

Weight: 0.3

SKU: 221221083359

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Liveup LS-3652 Dual Resistance Tube Best Exercise Equipment
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