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Gladiator Bop Bags Colorful Punching Bag For Kids


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Suitable Age: 3-6 Years Old
Material: PVC
Designs: Random
Color: Random
Height: About 1M
Weight: 0.2
Condition: Brand New
Feature: Durable

Product Description:
The Up In & Over Gladiator Bop Bags are inflatable punching bags for high energy, Colosseum-loving kids.
The three assorted options are inspired by the Roman gladiators of ancient times.
These bags are built for punching, kicking and tackling – yet they’re incredibly safe and possibly therapeutic for rambunctious boys and girls.
Just fill the built-in water chamber for a stable base that’s much less of a hassle than sand.
The safety valves provide air retention during the bop bag action while speeding up inflation and deflation.
Stands about 3 ft. (1 m) tall, the perfect size for young children
Built-in water chamber for stability
Water chamber provides more convenient setup and maintenance than sand


What is in the box: 1 x Gladiator Bop Bag

Weight: 0.3


SKU: 210613064217

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Gladiator Bop Bags Colorful Punching Bag For Kids
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