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400ML Leak-Proof Water Dispenser Hanging Pet Water Bottle Steel Ball Design


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Item Type: Pet Drinking Bottle
Origin : China
Size: Approx. 16* 8 * 7cm / 6.30 * 3.15 * 2.76in
Colour : Random
Material : Plastic Stainless Steel
Capacity : 400 ML

Product Description:
It is easy to wet the fur and surrounding environment while your pet is drinking water. Our product can help you to avoid this problem.
Our water bottle allows your pets to enjoy clean and fresh water while keeping your home clean and dry.
Suitable for pets

Can be hung in a pet’s cage, pets can drink their own water
Outlet steel ball design, leakproof
The pet’s tongue touches the steel ball, and when it is pushed in, there will be water coming out
Small Animal Accessories
Automatic Feeding Device
Pet Drinking Bottles

1. When using, the bottle should be filled with water. If it is not filled with water, the internal pressure will be too high and water will leak.
2. The faucet should be tightened, and there should be no leakage, otherwise it will cause water leakage.
3. Turn the water bottle upside down, block the water outlet with your fingers,
and shake it several times to empty the air at the front of the water outlet,
so that the vacuum inside the bottle will balance the pressure inside and outside the bottle.
4. Install the water bottle. In the first few minutes, there may be a normal phenomenon of natural dripping!
When the pressure inside and outside the bottle reaches equilibrium, it will stop dripping.

What is in the box: 1 x Pet Drinking Water Bottle

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SKU: LS112

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400ML Leak-Proof Water Dispenser Hanging Pet Water Bottle Steel Ball Design
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