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Short Description:
Type: Filter
Origin: China
Model: 29002
Material: Dacron
Color: Blue, White
PCs: Pack of 2Pcs

Product Description:
This Intex filter cartridge is the type ‘A’ version which will fit any filter Intex pumps attached to 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, and 15ft Intex Pool.
Filter Cartridges fit inside your Filter Pump and catch dirt as it passes through the system.
Intex suggests replacing the Filter Cartridge every two weeks in the summer to keep the swimming water clean.
They are easy to clean and replace when necessary, usually after about two weeks.
Look for the large A on the package to ensure you get the right size for your filter.
The Filter Cartridges measure 20.1cm high by 10.8cm wide, the middle hole is 4.9cm wide.
Cartridges should be replaced regularly to maintain the efficiency of your filter.
For filter pump item numbers: 58603, 58604, 56637, 56638, 56635, 56636.
Replace the filter cartridge with a new one every two weeks for the best results.
It is compatible with 28131EH, 28135EH, 28141EH, 28145EH, 28145T, 28157EH, 28165EH, 28167EH, 28175EH, 28181K, 28191EH, 28193EH, 28211EH, 28221EH, 28233EH, 28235EH, 28251EH, 28301TT, 28303SR, 28309EH, 28317EH, 28321EH, 28327EH, 28343EH, 28603EG, 28635EG, 28637EG, 28673EG, 28931T.

What’s in the box: 29002

Weight: 0.7

SKU: 29002

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