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100 Pcs RJ45 CAT6 Pass Through And Foldable Shrapnel Design Ethernet Cable Connectors


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Short Description:
Connector Type: ‎RJ45 male
Origin: China
Cable Type: Ethernet
Data Transfer Rate: 1000 Megabits Per Second
Colour: Clear
Works with solid or stranded cable
50 Micron contacts
Quantity: 100pcs

Product Description:
RJ45 CAT6 Connectors: This Connector not only let you make ethernet cables in custom lengths without breaking the bank
but also can work effectively with every model of pass through crimper tool and RJ45 cat6 connectors for 24 AWG cable.
(NOTE: Please straighten the wires and cut it neatly in order to Pass Thru easier)
Pass-thru design: This Design allows the wires to pass through the connector so the twists in each pair can be pulled closer to the contacts than conventional plugs.
In addition, as wires are inserted through the connector and out the other side, making sequence verification easier.
Enhances signal integrity and clarity by reducing the distance between wire twists and contacts.
Gold plated 8p8c 2 prong makes the contact attach to the core closer and the data flow stable.
Lower pair-to-pair crosstalk: fully shielded products lower pair-to-pair crosstalk, alien crosstalk and considerably improved immunity to noise at all frequencies
especially above 30 mhz when cable balance starts to significantly degrade.
Foldable shrapnel: Even if the shrapnel is folded 180 degrees and then crimped with pliers, you can still hear “click” when you insert it into the notch again.

What’s in the box: 100 x Pcs of RJ45 Cat6 Connectors

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SKU: 221122035419

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100 Pcs RJ45 CAT6 Pass Through And Foldable Shrapnel Design Ethernet Cable Connectors
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